Monday, 21 November 2011


helt i begynnelsen av skoleåret fikk vi en oppgave i kreativ skriving der vi skulle skrive et dikt om en person vi var sammen med eller ville bli sammen med. da hadde jeg kanskje "hengt" med luke i to uker. dette var det jeg skrev.

it is

it is the goosebumps on my flesh
after a simple touch

it is all the giggling he
makes me go through

it is the smoothness of his skin
smoother than a baby's. something i didn't
think possible

it is the mornings of feeling
but apparently not
disgusting enough

it is the incredible amount
of cider he drinks,
making me
feel like the man

it is his unruly hair,
with the occasional streak
of ginger,
never falling into place.
but sometimes, without effort,
inexplicably does

it is his total lack of
british quirks,
and later discovering
he's as british as they come

it is all these different personalities,
recognised from a world that now seems
so far away,
merging into this single person

it is that one time
when we both lean in for a kiss,
completely in synch.
that one perfect moment.

it is the not knowing
the never quite knowing